Hey it's me! Rivian Pratama
Industrial Design Student at Bandung Institute of Technology
Passionate about enhancing humanity with technological innovation through human-centered design. Always eager to learn things, desperate for developing various skills.

Featured Projects



Kaizen-oriented Based on Reptile Anatomy. KOBRA is a unique drinking vessel, designed to change the way you drink water


UV-C Motorized Sterilizer

Using rotating UV-C bulbs around targeted objects as it’s axis could alleviate the lack of dosage problem since less of UV-C bulbs are needed which is more efficient than the conventional UV-C bulbs in a fixed position.



To increase the online presence of HMDP INDDES-ITB, a website was needed to establish itself as an organization, as well as serving as a functional tool for its members to become an archive, showcase and contact site for INDDES-ITB and its member's activities.



FEAD (Fast and Efficient Autonomous Delivery) is a biplane-quad tailsitter drone which served as intercity delivery vehicle, designed to fill the gap of the existing delivery vehicles.